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We Want Karaoke at the Sundowner Pub in Delta, BC - 26, May 2015

Karaoke has been a staple at the Sundowner pub for over 17 years. The sound quality with Big Steve Karaoke was above average and always rocking!... ... (more)

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Petition for Aly's phone to be thrown at a wall. - 19, November 2014

As we all know Aly's phone isn't working. That injustice needs fixing. The only solution, a wall. ... (more)

#LongLiveLongmire - 17, October 2014

Longmire had been the highest rated scripted drama, & the 2nd highest rated program overall, on the A&E network when they announced its... ... (more)

Green Valley Ranch Splash Pad/Water Feature - 30, August 2014

Many Green Valley Ranch residents have expressed interest having a splash pad/water feature here in our community. The Town Center Park has not... ... (more)

No to pop at race and rock - 08, May 2014

V8 fans have a voice, we do not want to see pop music infiltrate the once great race and rock at the Townsville 400 in 2014. This is an outrage.... ... (more)

Bring Back Deleted Scene from "Just One Bite"! - 18, April 2014

A long time ago, there was a scene in the SpongeBob episode "Just One Bite" where Squidward sets off a security alarm and causes a gas fire. The... ... (more)

Petition for a Charmed Movie - 17, April 2014

Veronica Mars' fans did it. Why can't we? Screw the reboot, a movie is what we all want. There are so many things left untold in the Charmed Saga.... ... (more)

Keep WE WILL ROCK YOU rockin the Dominion - 14, March 2014

This show sculpted my musical taste and I won't other young people to experience it. It's just great lets keep the show going if we can! ... (more)

The campaign to get our music played on CapitalXtra continues in 2014 - 08, January 2014

Since Global Radio re branded ChoiceFM as Capital Xtra in October 2013, specialist music programmes such as reggae, gospel, soca and calypso, have... ... (more)

SG20 - 20, November 2013

Petition to get as many people to SG20 "invasion" as possible ... (more)

Get Greg James to the Chemistry Christmas Party - 14, November 2013

The Chemistry Group are on a mission.. After the appearance of one of their employees 'Lucy' on the BBC Radio 1 Greg James show last week on the... ... (more)

Petitioning all Midgardian Studios to base all films on Lego Loki, starring Lego Loki - 23, September 2013

Lego Loki, the supreme ruler of Midgard and true Asgardian King, should be the focus of all films produced from this day forward and star in all... ... (more)

NKOTB Donnie Wahlberg fans help rid your tv of Jenny McCarthy - 10, September 2013

Want to rid your television of the obnoxious Jenny no brain McCarthy. Do so now by signing this petition and... ... (more)

Let Luigi save the day! (and Princess Daisy!) - 04, September 2013

We fans love Mario but we love Luigi too! We think that Luigi should get the chance to save the day! (and his crush, Princess Daisy!) The fans... ... (more)
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