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Bring it to 48111: Biggby Coffee - 28, March 2013

Biggby Coffee is one of America’s top franchises in 2013.   This... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Potbelly Sandwich Shop - 28, March 2013

Potbelly is a unique sandwich shop that serves toasted... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Joann Fabrics - 28, March 2013

Joann Fabrics more)

Bring it to 48111: Trader Joes - 28, March 2013

Trader Joes more)

Bring it to 48111: Menards - 28, March 2013


Menards is well-known... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Panera Bread - 28, March 2013

Panera Bread is expanding quickly across North America, operating 1,652 company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafes in 44 states. Panera... ... (more)

- 14, March 2013

... (more)

Say 'NO' to out of town Retail Park in Burntisland - 05, February 2013

Petition Against Planning Proposal for

... ... (more)

Oppose Finale NYC - 25, January 2013

To Community Board 3 We, the undersigned, oppose the alterations application of Baker’s Dozen LLC for 199 Bowery. The applicants have... ... (more)

Castro/Upper Market Chipotle - 23, January 2013

Dear San Francisco Planning Commission,... ... (more)

SOS-Save Our Street - 15, November 2012

S.O.S.- Save Our Street

... ... (more)

Support Planning Permission for: 3/12/1805FP : Use of part of ground floor for the purposes of childcare on a domestic premises for up to 20 children - 31, October 2012

I support planning application 3/12/1805/FP. Use of part of ground floor for the purposes of childcare on a domestic premises for up to 20 children... ... (more)

SAVE NO IDEA BAR - 11, August 2012

We are sad to report that No Idea has most likely lost its lease (trust us, we've looked everywhere) as new building ownership has decided to... ... (more)

SAVE NO IDEA BAR! - 11, August 2012

We are sad to report that No Idea will most likely be losing its lease this year due to building ownership's decision to... ... (more)

Freedom to advertise The Plus One Agency - 09, August 2012

The Plus One Agency is a new Isle of Wight business, employing Island residents, providing a service to... ... (more)

Mattel for Childrens Cancer Awareness - 12, March 2012

It has been brought to my attention via social media that the general public is... ... (more)

Save Our Gym (Nuffield Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Leicester) - 21, February 2012

Nuffield have recently announced that they are to close our gym without any consultation, and only giving existing members six weeks notice. This... ... (more)

Save Clough Head Cafe - 02, February 2012

Clough Head Cafe is located on the Grane road between Blackburn and Haslingden and is owned by United Utilities. The cafe is run by Beryl and has... ... (more)

Grand Affairs LLC Liquor License Alteration @ 63/65 Grand Street - 01, September 2011

Dear Boardmembers of Community Board #1,I, the undersigned, reside in the 11211/11249 Zip Code. I am signing this petition to extend my full... ... (more)

Make eBay fair for sellers - 25, August 2011

The eBay business Holly's Cake... ... (more)
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