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We, the undersigned, support the addition of a policy at Souhegan High School which allows students to run their own entrepreneurial businesses at... ... (more)

SAVE OUR LOCAL CINEMAS - 30, January 2014

We believe that a proposed new multiplex cinema at Pool will result in the closure of the several smaller local cinemas that presently serve our... ... (more)

Plush Bar & Grill Petition - 18, August 2013

Target: City Council of Montgomery. Purpose: Plush Bar & Grill License Email: PlushBarGrill@gmail.com We believe that... ... (more)

Appliance Warranty Service Process Reform - 02, August 2013

Appliance Manufacturer's and Third Party Warranty Administrator's desire to control the Customer Service Experience has placed an overwhelming... ... (more)

Bring Shops Back To Dover - Do Dover Justice - 30, June 2013

We, the undersigned, want Dover District Council and The Dover Chamber of Commerce to: Work with local landlords of existing empty outlets in... ... (more)

Aikman's Bar Application for Late Licence - 25, June 2013

Petition in respect of Application by Aikman's Bar~Bistro,
... ... (more)

Late Licence Application from Aikman's Bar~Bistro 32 Bell St., St. Andrews - 23, June 2013

We believe that there is a need and a demand fo the provision of such a Licence, which will be of benefit to the... ... (more)

Office furniture fort lauderdale - 17, May 2013

When you see any office running efficiently it feels so great! But in order for nay management to function properly the... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Biggby Coffee - 28, March 2013

Biggby Coffee is one of America’s top franchises in 2013.   This... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Potbelly Sandwich Shop - 28, March 2013

Potbelly is a unique sandwich shop that serves toasted... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Joann Fabrics - 28, March 2013

Joann Fabrics more)

Bring it to 48111: Trader Joes - 28, March 2013

Trader Joes more)

Bring it to 48111: Menards - 28, March 2013


Menards is well-known... ... (more)

Bring it to 48111: Panera Bread - 28, March 2013

Panera Bread is expanding quickly across North America, operating 1,652 company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafes in 44 states. Panera... ... (more)

- 14, March 2013

... (more)

Say 'NO' to out of town Retail Park in Burntisland - 05, February 2013

Petition Against Planning Proposal for

... ... (more)

Oppose Finale NYC - 25, January 2013

To Community Board 3 We, the undersigned, oppose the alterations application of Baker’s Dozen LLC for 199 Bowery. The applicants have... ... (more)

Castro/Upper Market Chipotle - 23, January 2013

Dear San Francisco Planning Commission,... ... (more)

SOS-Save Our Street - 15, November 2012

S.O.S.- Save Our Street

... ... (more)

Support Planning Permission for: 3/12/1805FP : Use of part of ground floor for the purposes of childcare on a domestic premises for up to 20 children - 31, October 2012

I support planning application 3/12/1805/FP. Use of part of ground floor for the purposes of childcare on a domestic premises for up to 20 children... ... (more)
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