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love and caring - 13, April 2011

i am a nice looking young girl with love,caring,understanding and easy going.i am a nice looking young girl with love,caring,understanding and easy... ... (more)

Ban Religion - 13, March 2011

In the 21st Century, we the people know that all religion is in fact a scam. Why we put up with it is beyond us.  We're voting to ban all... ... (more)

TEST Petition - 02, November 2010

This is a test petition for me to test the epetitions.net web site. ... (more)

Rev - 02, October 2010

... (more)

Religious Freedom - 03, September 2010

Religious Asylum

 I have been trying to sponsor my... ... (more)

√Ω KHOURY Ω√ - 01, January 2010

... (more)

Don't Force Islamic Halal on Non-Muslims - 06, May 2010

under written pages are very Long but issue is More Dangerous, realize it and read it fully, otherwise it will be to late.
Please ponder... ... (more)

Put Back the Nativity Scene, in public View - 22, December 2009

The Nativity Scene was removed from the lawn of the Luzerne County Courthouse in response to threats of a possible future lawsuit to be filed by... ... (more)

Thank You, Sister. a letter campaign in support of women religious. - 16, September 2009

I commit to writing a letter in support of women religious before November 1, 2009 and sending it to thankyousister@gmail.com. ... (more)

Burger King to withdraw and apologise for advert depicting Hindu Godess Lakshmi seated on a meat Burger. - 09, July 2009

We, the undersigned, demand that Burger King withdraw their advertisement now being shown in Spain, depicting the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi seated on... ... (more)

Christian of G 20 Nations - 22, April 2009



Please Save St. Ignatius of Antioch Church! - 15, March 2009

Bishop Richard Lennon:

We the undersigned are asking you to not close St. Ignatius of Antioch Church.  Our church was built in... ... (more)

Disciple Now '09 - 12, March 2009

Disciple Now is coming up use this petition to sign up. It is April 3-5. Please use your real name and email so we can send out information to you.... ... (more)

Religious - 02, August 2008

Please Stop Blasphemy

Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi)... ... (more)

Removam Deus Seja Louvado - 28, November 2007

"Se o Estado brasileiro é laico por lei, como é possível juridicamente que essa inscrição tenha sido... ... (more)

Broadband for Westfield West Lothian - 16, April 2007

We the undersigned demand that BT upgrade the local telephone exchange in order that Westfield may be able to connect to broadband services in line... ... (more)
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