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Rizzoli Amp; Isles You'Re Gonna Miss Me When I'M Gone 2014 : The Tudors True Love 2007 : The Newsroom Unintended Consequences 2013 - 27, September 2014


Shia's 420 Fraud People of Jewish Property Heaven - 08, May 2014

These are the real 420 fraud people of jewish heaven who has taken heaven property from me which was given to me by moses. On the left named... ... (more)

Shia ahlulbait and Islam accepts beating (matam) of muharram which are done before and after faunts and before and after pissing and shia ahlulbait and islam washes there sins. - 05, May 2014

Can you believe this truth. Shia ahlulbait and islam and there angels accepts matam (beating) in muharram in juloos procession where there... ... (more)

Proof there is god or stop faking people by saying there is one god and showing magic by removing scareness from your mind. - 05, May 2014

I am lover of god and i am family of moses. I don't want to fight with anyone but since hindus and muslims are against me and putting there sins... ... (more)

Ultimate truth that i am not sinner! Please angels help! - 04, May 2014

Hi Angels,Love you all, i am still alive. I will never leave you all. Please visit another truth of indian government and bhagwans and shia... ... (more)

Shia Spirits of hyderabad, india and abudhabi, uae Stop taking my heaven property which is given to me by my love. - 12, April 2014

I want all countries to know that shia spirits of hyderabad, india and shia spirits of abudhabi, uae are loosing from me and to win from me they... ... (more)

دعÙا ÙحرÙØ© اÙاعÙا٠- 04, March 2013

دعما لحرية الاعلام ومجابهة لسياسة تكميم الافواه التي تتبعها بعض الدول التي تدعي... ... (more)

دعÙا ÙحرÙØ© اÙاعÙا٠- 04, March 2013

دعما لحرية الاعلام ومجابهة لسياسة تكميم الافواه التي تتبعها بعض الدول التي تدعي... ... (more)

Pertahankan Hak Penggunaan Nama Allah untuk Agama Islam Sahaja - 28, January 2013

Isu ini telah diperkatakan lebih 2 tahun. Namun masih ramai yang keliru tentang hak penggunaan nama Allah di kalangan orang bukan Islam. Ini... ... (more)

Save BBC Radio 2's Aled's Good Morning Sunday - 16, January 2013


Save BBC 2's Aled's Good Morning Sunday

With the programme GMS
Aled is... ... (more)


Señor Alcalde de Miraflores:

La muestra “Así Sea” exhibida en la Galería Municipal “Luis Miró Quesada Garland” es una... ... (more)

killers - 16, September 2012

nothing special ... (more)

Bristol to Baghdad, Iraq - 17, December 2011

Bristol to Baghdad, IraqMillions flooded Iraq's shrine city... ... (more)

Support Towba Centre's Change of Use - 08, December 2011

We have put in a request to change the use of a premises we are renting from A1 (Financial use) to D2 (Community Use) in order for us to... ... (more)

Accept an apology SBS - 20, August 2011

We are Saudis and Arab and Muslims accept the apologize of SBS, Becuase of the clause ( Ruby Dream ) that was aired on program Star King the 13th... ... (more)

Free michel - 20, July 2011

... (more)

Chris Kandunias "abusive, harassing, threatening" towards students - 12, May 2011

I wish to write to you about a Mr. Chris Kandunias who teaches Auditing at the University of south Australia. This Christopher Kandunias, Chief... ... (more)
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