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Install - 05, December 2014

... (more)

Force Feyth to unmute Ollie on Teamspeak - 08, November 2014

Feyth has been raining terror and kept me muted long enough. Now we must fight back. One sign = 1 kitkat ... (more)

Stop the Bear-Whales - 19, October 2014

Bear-Whales harm crypto-currency
Unfairly crash and create markets
Treat others with disrespect

We the... ... (more)

decreasing train and bus fares - 14, October 2014

The prices of train and bus fares should be decreased. If we decrease the fares more people will use public transport and there... ... (more)

Petition to Stop Planned High-Density Development in Serratoga Falls - 08, October 2014

On October 7, 2014, a proposed high-density sketch plan to build out the balance of Serratoga Falls was presented to the Timnath... ... (more)

Please keep our BIKES safe at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital - 02, October 2014

We, the staff, feel that there is inadequate secure bike storage at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and as a result feel actively discouraged from... ... (more)

SAVE CAPAA - 24, September 2014

Children and Parents and Autism is amazing group for children and young adults in Downpatrick Northern Ireland. Currently they are losing their... ... (more)

Stop Wates from altering our Local Plan new housing quota, 100 new homes is enough, we do not want any more in our community. - 05, September 2014

We the undersigned call on the elected members of Chichester District Council, to notify that we object very strongly, to the alteration of the... ... (more)

Community Garden - 03, September 2014

I am proposing that a community garden be developed in the 9300 S. Ada block of Chicago, IL.  ... (more)

Save Sac Osage Hospital - 25, July 2014

Please sign our petition asking your County Commissioners to save SAC-OSAGE Hospital from closure and sale and to set in motion a recall of the... ... (more)

Fiona Stewart: A disaster in anatomy learning... - 07, July 2014

Through MedSoc we have failed to ask UNE to take our feed back seriously. They keep saying they will “do something”….. its... ... (more)

MICHELLE GUPPY: It's time to RESIGN from UNE for your INCOMPETENCE! - 03, July 2014

Through MedSoc we have failed to ask UNE to take our feed back seriously. They keep saying they will “do something”….. its... ... (more)

NPOWER - 02, July 2014


Keep the Crooked Tree Golf Course property as a Green Resource per Mason's 2010 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. - 31, May 2014

One of Mason's largest and last remaining Green Resources is at risk of being developed. A proposal to change the Crooked Tree Golf Course into a... ... (more)

Save Old Down - 22, May 2014

We the undersigned petition the Chief Executive and the Leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council that Old Down and Beggarwood Woodland Parks... ... (more)

1Eid in Brent - 19, May 2014

1Eid has been banned by Brent council. We would like signatures collected to show the public demand our Eid event not be cancelled. It is... ... (more)

Say Yes to the Pendleton Road Pedestrian Crossing! - 08, May 2014

DOES IT TAKE A DEATH TO MAKE IT HAPPEN??!! I've never done anything like this before and thought it was time to get a campaign going to get a road... ... (more)

Railing outside the Temperance Hall St. Marks Road - 22, April 2014

We the undersigned residents of St Marks Rd and neighbouring streets urge the Council's planning officer to permit the Listed... ... (more)

practicing this website - 14, April 2014

this is a practice petition for megan to check out this website. please sign! ... (more)
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