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Petition That Seeks To Help Save The Health Of Your Family - 20, July 2017

There are numerous petitions out there, but this one stands out from the rest. This petition is about something that directly affects the health... ... (more)

Stop Violence and Harassment against Women and Children - 10, October 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the RCMP, Calgary Chief of Police, Law Enforcement Review Board, law enforcement, government officials and legislators... ... (more)

Baw wit da baw - 27, May 2015

Sign today to hold a commission for the baw wit da baw! ... (more)

Fight for the fields Save Condorrats Fields and Walking Areas - 20, May 2015

Bellway Homes and Intelligent Land Investments are planning to develop fields south of Gainburn/Summerfield/Barbeth and west of the Airdrie Road. I... ... (more)

Reduce Speed Limits in Plaistow and Ifold - 06, May 2015

We the undersigned support Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council's request to improve road safety in our villages by: 1. Reducing the current 40mph... ... (more)

Tweaks For Improved Solar Panel Technology Use - 02, May 2015

The promise of solar technology is one thing that many individuals have overlooked lately. Be simple cure for that situation is knowledge, however.... ... (more)

Equality For All - 24, April 2015

Let Us Fight For Equality We Aint Freak's Were Human It Shouldn't Matter About Your Sexuality We Are Proud To Be Who We Are We Having Nothing To Be... ... (more)

Equality - 24, April 2015

... (more)

Parking Lot Solar Panels Petition - 22, April 2015

Students, faculty and staff: Chaffey College is representative of our community's local college and thus a symbol of educational leadership.... ... (more)

Support HB 3470 to cap Oregon greenhouse gas emissions - 17, April 2015

Urge Oregon legislators to pass HB 3470, the most important environmental protections since the days of Tom McCall When Tom McCall lived in the... ... (more)

Removal of Miiverse Administration - 17, March 2015

By digitally signing this petition, you agree that you want Miiverse Administration to dissolve itself, cease to exist, and not be active in any way. ... (more)

Heathlands and Trinity group - 17, March 2015

This petition is to get a realistic idea on how many people are unhappy with Trinity managing the Heathland Redrow Estate in Buckley and would... ... (more)

Cheap and Nice Bridesmaid Dresses Online - 02, February 2015

Prom Dresses, If you... ... (more)

Online Prom Dresses Are Better - 02, February 2015

Prom Dresses, We all... ... (more)

Moorfield Primary School - Ensure we always have a 'Lollipop' - 15, January 2015

We the undersigned are extremely concerned about the number of times the crossing patrol at Moorfield Primary School is left... ... (more)

Rosemary Owens used Virginia Deegan (ITD) to fabricate fake evidence to smear student - 14, January 2015

The folks over at “ adelaidelaw.wordpress.com ” have compiled an interesting list of blog comments regarding Prof Rosemary Owens,... ... (more)

How to Blend Lace Wigs - 07, January 2015

Lace-front wigs are a great way to update your style and appearance without making a long-term commitment, such as cutting or coloring your... ... (more)

How is Lace Wigs Helping Us - 22, December 2014

Wigs now can be more and more popular way to make you fashionable and be more of yourself. The mostly used is lace wigs. It needles to point... ... (more)

Govt. attention required to upgrade standards of IT education - 15, December 2014

We have recently conducted a public survey. In this survey we targeted more than two thousand students belonging to different schools. We asked... ... (more)
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