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Sad Day In The History Of Indian Judiciary - 27, June 2014

SIGN IN or JOIN SAD DAY IN HISTORY OF INDIAN JUDICIARY The Modi government has been very systematic and selective about feeding the print... ... (more)

save the tea hut - 17, June 2014

We want the superintendent of Epping Forest and the City of London to leave the "bikers" tea hut as it currently is. Not to put it out for tender... ... (more)

stop ecig ban - 08, May 2014

This is a petition to stop the ban of electronic cigsrettes ... (more)

Keep Sorrel Youth Cafe Open!! - 18, March 2014

We are a group of young people who attend our local youth cafe on Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. The Youth Cafe is the main focus for young people in... ... (more)

The Represented Communities of the Blake Sea Request the Immediate Resignation of Marktwain White - 09, March 2014

We the Undersigned petition for the removal of the Second Life resident Marktwain White from his position as Representative of the region known as... ... (more)

- 14, February 2014

... (more)


Staffordshire County Council are proposing to cut at least 400 youth workers, that run youth groups around Staffordshire. Under the heading -... ... (more)

Petition to Liverpool Hope University regarding punishment of Austin Halls Residents - 14, January 2014

We, the undersigned, petition the university to overturn the decision to discipline every student resident in Austin Halls for the actions of a few... ... (more)

Vyjadrenie podpory RNDr. Jozefovi Å korupovi - 21, December 2013

My, žiaci a absolventi Gymnázia M. M. Hodžu v Liptovskom Mikuláši a ich rodičia,
vyjadrujeme podporu RNDr. Jozefovi... ... (more)

Stop Trefnant Post Office Move - 06, December 2013

Please sign & share this e petition to STOP the Trefnant... ... (more)

Hutton Community Centre - 06, December 2013

We the undersigned want to see the HUTTON COMMUNITY CENTRE brought back into use as soon as possible. There is a real need in our community for... ... (more)


The purpose of this petition is to have WKD re-instated to its original form. WKD have recently removed the vodka from its drinks and replaced it... ... (more)

Emotional Child Neglect - 19, November 2013

Emotional neglect is the failure to provide adequate nurturing and affection to a child or the refusal or delay in ensuring that a child receives... ... (more)

PETITION FOR HUSBAND - 12, November 2013


VLTBC Family Hours Petition - 05, November 2013

The Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club has reduced junior hours in the last few years which limits the enjoyment of the club for young... ... (more)

- 22, October 2013

... (more)

Crosshouse Fights Back - 04, October 2013

Help Save Crosshouse Library, Lindsay Park Playing Fields and Crosshouse Community Centre ... (more)

Request for re-allocation of the New Homes Bonus Money to communities directly affected by new housing development. - 02, October 2013

Please sign this petition if you wish to ask Bromsgrove District Council to ensure that the New Homes Bonus Money that they receive directly... ... (more)

Honor Daniel Marshall, Congers 9/11 Hero - 29, September 2013

John Daniel Marshall, grew up in Congers and attended Clarkstown schools. He married and settled in Congers as well. On September 11, 2001, Dan... ... (more)
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