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Replace the Operators on #wrongplanet irc.freenode.net - 30, June 2009

On irc.freenode.net there is a channel called #wrongplanet, a chat for the Autism/Aspergers support site http://www.wrongplanet.net. This channel... ... (more)

Petition to Fearless Leader for removal of TOPICLOCK in #partyhouse - 22, January 2009

As an operator of the channel #partyhouse, username 'tmp' aka Matt, I am petitioning all users and operators of aforementioned channel to join... ... (more)

Petition to open "Philosophy Corner" on EDIT - 03, November 2008

Please sign this petition if you agree it would be a good idea to open up a Philosophy Section to the EveryoneDoesIt.com board so we can have... ... (more)

Bigfish We Would Like Riddle of the Day Improved - 16, May 2008

We the undersigned members of the Bigfish Games Community would like Bigfish to give us more creatures to find in the forest and maybe a different... ... (more)

Removing Jaydees admin powers - 21, April 2008

We the people formally ask that Jaydee aka Josh be stripped of all admin rights on caws.ws and GFX caws as he has shown lil knowledge on what a... ... (more)

Bring Back Block Star On Facebook - 08, April 2008

The purpose of this petition is to encourage the creators of Facebook's "Block Star" application, to bring back the original game. While... ... (more)

Net Virtua - Contra a pratica de limitação de banda (Traffic Shaping) - 14, November 2007

Se você está insatisfeito(a) e revoltado(a) com a prática abusiva e irregular da limitação de banda (Traffic... ... (more)

Cherry for Moderator - 27, September 2007

This petition, to be sent to wwww.blackchat.co.uk, serves to garner support for "Cherry for Moderator" campaign. As Cherry spends more... ... (more)
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