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Video Poker Games *** Free Online Texas Holdem Poker *** Canadian Online Poker - 11, September 2014


ESports in WA Inter-school Carnivals - 26, June 2014

We, the students and staff of Newton Moore Senior High School, petition to include eSports into inter-school sporting events such as Country Week... ... (more)

Support for the Bainbrige / Askrigg Collaboration - 20, June 2014

We, the undersigned, wish to express our support for the proposed restructuring of our two... ... (more)

Bring back the dinosaur to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - 13, June 2014

We want Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to re-instate the dinosaur that was packed away over 10 years ago! Every time we visit the museum, we... ... (more)

A proposal to open a new secondary girlâs Islamic school in Sheffield - 01, June 2014

With the teachings of the HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) and AHLULBAYT (A.S) in mind, we have planned to set up a boarding school for girls. The school will... ... (more)

End Discrimination In Fowlerville High School - 19, May 2014

Hi.My name is Carleigh Kater. I attended Fowlerville High School for my entire school career up until the last semester of my senior year. The... ... (more)

UC Faculty Call on UC Administration To Negotiate in Good Faith with Student-Worker TA Union - 16, May 2014

Dear Colleagues,

For many of us, our teaching assistants are central to our pedagogy. They work the most closely with our students, and... ... (more)

Testing UCSC - 15, May 2014

12345 ... (more)

K-12 Home Schooling/Angel's Education VS Cal-Works Program/Merced Human Services - 15, May 2014

Picured above is my child Angel. She is currently being home schooled because I removed her from Bellevue Elementary School due to gang activity,... ... (more)

Neue Spinde fuer Architektur Studierende am Ingenieurwissenschaftliches Zentrum (IWZ) in Koeln - 04, May 2014

Das Architekturstudium verlangt sehr viel vom Studierenden ab.

Neben Illustration und zeichnerische Darstellungen von... ... (more)

Part Time Faculty Parity - 29, April 2014

The SOCCCDFA Part-time Faculty Issues Committee is seeking your support regarding part-time faculty issues in our district. Please read the... ... (more)

Stop Edexcel's New BTEC rules affecting students who are going into their second year - 14, April 2014

The reason for this petition is to stop Edexcel applying this rule to students going into second year. We feel that this is very unfair to us as it... ... (more)

Extend our dissertation deadline it's only fair due to UWE and participants fault - 21, February 2014

Calling all 3rd year psychology students at the University of the West of England (UWE). Was your ethics delayed/lost/slower turn around than... ... (more)

Show of Hands Against Aerodynamics Exam 2014 - University of Bath - 11, February 2014

I've been speaking to quite a few of you since January about the Aerodynamics exam. It's been the general consensus that the content and structure... ... (more)

Canterbury Christ Church University - stop isolating your smaller campuses - 10, February 2014

"Student life in Kent is thriving. As a county, we have many universities and colleges, so our students' needs are really well catered for - from... ... (more)

Keep Martin Wilson - 08, February 2014

We request that the Head and Governors of the Friends' School reconsider the decision to... ... (more)

ÐниÑиÑаÑива за беÑплаÑни е- - 12, January 2014

Иницијатива за бесплатни е-книги достапни за сите граѓани на Република... ... (more)

ááá¢ááªáá - 07, December 2013

ტრყიგუჯიმკვხ იოგჰ ი; ოგჯბჰრო'პდჯფჰგფჯვ... ... (more)

Support the Leicester Free School Proposal - 09, November 2013

We are proposing to setup a Secondary School for Boys aged 11-18 in Leicester.

The School will have an Islamic ethos and is... ... (more)

BBC 3 at ACM - 27, October 2013

I am worried that BBC three documentary about ACM will portray the school as some kind of X factor academy. Where students go to live like rock... ... (more)
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