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Ryan Air Route from Newcastle to Bergamo (Milan) - 28, October 2011

Dear Ryan Air There are currently no budget airline carriers operating flight routes from Newcastle (north east) to Milan (Bergamo).... ... (more)

Petition to GM to change model names of Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Sonic - 11, October 2011

If you look at the lineup of Chevrolet's current production models, you notice something that instills a sense of nostalgia. Names like... ... (more)

Opposition to the proposed relocation of Penzance Heliport to the parish of Et Erth and neighbouring parish of Ludgvan - 19, September 2011

This petition has been setup to help demonstrate to local level of opposition for plans to relocate the Penzance Heliport to the boundary of St... ... (more)

TBI Abertis - CWL Appeal - SORT IT OUT, OR GET OUT - 30, August 2011

TBI Abertis airport needs to finally realise that the airport needs help to recover its fortunes from 2007, which seems for us a far-distant... ... (more)


Door de nieuwe verkeerswet die vanaf 1 september 2011 voor... ... (more)

Mopeds to be restricted to 50MPH instead of the current 30MPH - 03, June 2011

A restricted moped is more dangerous than having a derestricted one. I ride a restricted moped because I have no choice being just 16. I... ... (more)

Petition for the founding of Safe Ride - 15, May 2011

By signing this petition, you certify that you are a current Louisiana Tech University student, Staff, or Alumni and you are in favor of the... ... (more)

Petition to Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2.com, BMI etc to fly to Kefalonia, Greece! - 18, April 2011

Please scroll down to sign the petition and then click to recommend!


Koofers Toll Reimbursement - 11, April 2011

Tolls cost money and we're forced to pay them ... (more)

Better Utilize Our Roads - 05, April 2011

We the undersigned, residents of Josephine Rd., Lydia Ave. and adjacent side streets, petition Roseville City Council to fully open Cty C2 Rd.... ... (more)

Restore the Trust: Spend Transportation $ on Transportation! - 31, March 2011

Maryland is facing a major transportation crisis, with current funding levels not even sufficient to fix potholes... ... (more)

Get Petrol Down - 16, March 2011

In 2010 petrol was around £1.10 a ltr its tipped to hit £1.50 a ltr b the end of March 2011 we are asking the goverment to stop this... ... (more)

KNAC - Kenley Needs A Crossing - 15, February 2011

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the lack of a proper, safe... ... (more)

Petition For LUSU To Provide Transportation To The NCAFC Demo In Manchester on January 29th - 22, January 2011

A petition to illustrate the number of Lancaster students who wish to attend the NCAFC demo in Manchester on January 29th. We urge LUSU to help... ... (more)

Petition EasyJet to fly to AKTIO/PREVEZA all year round - 04, January 2011

This e-petition has been created in order to try to convince EasyJet airline to fly from the... ... (more)

Save the UK All Line Rail Rover from peak-time restrictions - 08, December 2010

This is a petition to safeguard the implementation of peak-time restrictions for the UK All Line Rover from 2nd January.

What will the... ... (more)

Southeastern Rail should putting all fares down, not up! - 27, November 2010

Southeastern Rail put up their fares well above the national rate of inflation, why? To make sure that the railway continues to receive investment?... ... (more)

Petition Easyjet to fly to Corfu all the year round - 13, November 2010

This e-petition has been created in order to try to convince easyjet to fly to Corfu all year round.  Corfu, a beautiful island,... ... (more)

IFW campaign to stop proposals to limit trailer heights to four metres in Europe - 05, November 2010

The European Commission proposal to standardise the height... ... (more)

Petition Against Proposed Traffic Calming Measures on St Neots Road, Sandy, Bedfordhsire - 09, October 2010

To Central Bedfordshire Council:
We the undersigned* petition the above Councils to have a full and... ... (more)
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