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Against Local Government Outsourcing - Capita and Vertex - 18, February 2011

This petition is for people who have been outsourced to a company like Capita who see's its staff as 'acquisitions' or in other words like a piece... ... (more)

Stop Cuts to Staffordshire Connexions - 25, August 2010

Staffordshire Connexions Face Battle To Maintain Services Following A Further £1.5 Million Cut To Budget.

In a shock announcement,... ... (more)

petition - 24, August 2010

mumvudi ... (more)

Demand Humanity in Fashion and help Bangladeshi garment workers win their fight for an increase in the minimum wage. - 16, July 2010

Demand Humanity in Fashion and help Bangladeshi garment workers win their fight for an increase in... ... (more)

Petition to Keep Jobs in Milan, TN - 03, July 2010

Summary and background: American Ordnance is proposing to move production operations from Milan Army Ammunition Plant to their ammunition... ... (more)

Reinstate Teaching Assistant Angela Simon - 19, December 2009

Angela Simon, a Teaching Assistant in the Gender and Women's Studies Department at Western Michigan University, was wrongfully terminated from her... ... (more)

Help Mr. DiLorenzo Get His Job Back! - 31, August 2009

To the Palm Springs High School administrators:This petition calls for the reinstatement of theater teacher Scott DiLorenzo. We, the... ... (more)

Legalização da Prostituição como actividade profissional - 15, August 2009


Dan Ferrone is the "Right Fit" for Oakville YMCA - 14, August 2009

Oakville citizens have expressed their shock, anger and... ... (more)

Real Economic Stimulus Act - 18, July 2009

We, Citizens of the United States of America, Workers, and Taxpayers , Petition The Senate Banking Committee, House Financial Services Committee,... ... (more)

Give Mrs. Ryan a Contract! - 22, May 2009

For three years Jennifer Ryan has worked as 6th grade teacher for Huntley Project Elementary, and has done a great job. She is very fun, does... ... (more)

Salary Increment & 1 Month Bonus - 07, January 2009

We want a salary increment & 1(one) month bonus..!


... (more)
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