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I Want LGBTIQ Adventists in Our Desks and Pews - 15, March 2014

The prophet Elijah, when he was speaking for God, felt like he was the only prophet left who had not given up. God told him that there were still... ... (more)

test - 12, March 2014

... (more)

We the undersigned petition Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - 24, February 2014

A Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Presented under clause 61 of Magna Carta, 1215June 10th 2014 To Defend British Sovereignty, Liberty... ... (more)

Home Sweet Home - 15, February 2014

Hello my name is Shaundolyn Ortiz and I am asking for you to come alongside me and help me begin to fight for Affordable Housing in the city of... ... (more)

Green Seniors - 13, February 2014

Petition to Protect Seniors benefits, inoluding Freedom Passes, Winter Fuel Allowance and free TV licences. ... (more)

deport patrickvancornhole to shoutbox purgatory - 24, January 2014

Help a brother (or sister) deport a twink. ... (more)

Sack Andrew Burnham MP - 23, January 2014

Andrew Burnham MP should be dismissed immediately from the Shadow Cabinet and removed from the Labour Parliamentary list of approved candidates as... ... (more)

Petition To Repeal The UCDSU Stance On Abortion - 29, October 2013

Mr Gallagher, It is with deep regret that I have learned of UCDSU's change of stance in relation to the legalisation of abortion in Ireland. I... ... (more)

petition for t.j at cormac's b-day bash. - 18, October 2013

t.j or bust. ... (more)

kidnapping our children of Ventura County - 03, October 2013

Children in Ventura County California and nation wide are being unjustly torn from the loving arms of their parents. They are being hidden and put... ... (more)

Homeless at 17 in New Zealand - 29, September 2013

We the undersigned request that the House of Representatives ( in New Zealand) inquire into the plight of people Homeless at 17 years of age. ... (more)

UK Governments tortures and harassment's! - 14, September 2013

UK Governments tortures and harassment's! 17 years me and 23 years my daughter, than my daughter boy age 7, girl age 18 month, been tortured and... ... (more)

Recognize Right to Sanitation - 04, September 2013

To The Heads of States SACOSAN V Kathmandu, Nepal AND President 61 Session of United Nations General Assembly United Nations, New York... ... (more)

A Real story of a victim of Dubai ( United Arab Emirates) - 02, August 2013

My petition is in the... ... (more)

Urge the DWP to review and change policies for disabled people. - 21, July 2013

My name is Jen Lant. And I suffer from Agoraphobia, which is a recognized disability in the UK. In the disability and equality act, a disability... ... (more)

Angie Makes an Epic Return to BC VIA Journey to Shambhala - 13, July 2013

This is a petition to have Angie venture forward and leave the hen's coop for another epic return to BC. Her first stop will be Vancouver then an... ... (more)

Irene Namubiru - 15, May 2013

Please pardon Irene Namubiru from her arrest


The Client Protection Act - 07, May 2013

... (more)

Manifesto on Basic Goodness - 24, April 2013

Inspired by the teachings in The Shambhala Principle by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche a group of his students gathered to create this... ... (more)
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