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Attack On Titan Chiisana Yaiba -Torosuto-Ku Kobosen 3- 2013 : Rome Stealing From Saturn 2005 : Rome Stealing From Saturn 2005 - 30, September 2014


Payday Loans Instant --- Canada Payday Loans Online --- Quick Payday Loan - 30, September 2014




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Save Ben's Home! - 01, September 2014

Test test ... (more)

Pink Floyd Ebolathon - 26, August 2014

People in Africa are dying daily from an horrific new disease called ebola. Don't let their deaths be in vain - this petition calls on Pink... ... (more)

Belgische artsen eisen politieke druk als medicijn voor Gaza. - 29, July 2014


Belgische artsen eisen politieke druk als medicijn voor Gaza.Als artsen willen we onze solidariteit tonen met onze collega’s die op... ... (more)

Danbury Homeless Housing - 11, July 2014

Petition to get the Mayor to fulfill his promise to create supportive housing. ... (more)

Make forced adoption a criminal offence - 06, July 2014

Social services are using the forced adoption card too many times. Lies told in court, colluding with themselves to make sure the child is placed... ... (more)

#BringBackOurGirls Campaign - 16, May 2014

At Lagan College our core values are respect, reconciliation, equality and service. Please show solidarity and support for the kidnapped school... ... (more)

Stop Targeted Killing of Doctors of Karachi - 11, April 2014

We are endeavoring to raise awareness against the heinous brutality of it's own kind. Pakistan and especially Karachi is the only city of this... ... (more)

I Want LGBTIQ Adventists in Our Desks and Pews - 15, March 2014

The prophet Elijah, when he was speaking for God, felt like he was the only prophet left who had not given up. God told him that there were still... ... (more)

test - 12, March 2014

... (more)

We the undersigned petition Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - 24, February 2014

A Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Presented under clause 61 of Magna Carta, 1215June 10th 2014 To Defend British Sovereignty, Liberty... ... (more)

Home Sweet Home - 15, February 2014

Hello my name is Shaundolyn Ortiz and I am asking for you to come alongside me and help me begin to fight for Affordable Housing in the city of... ... (more)

Green Seniors - 13, February 2014

Petition to Protect Seniors benefits, inoluding Freedom Passes, Winter Fuel Allowance and free TV licences. ... (more)

deport patrickvancornhole to shoutbox purgatory - 24, January 2014

Help a brother (or sister) deport a twink. ... (more)

Sack Andrew Burnham MP - 23, January 2014

Andrew Burnham MP should be dismissed immediately from the Shadow Cabinet and removed from the Labour Parliamentary list of approved candidates as... ... (more)
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