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Ban Gendarme From AOE3 and AOE3 Communities - 30, September 2009

Please, We Need your support to remove this individual from our community, for His overall uselessness and need to comment on everything even... ... (more)

Build Our SPLOST- Funded Sidewalks on Canton Hwy - 02, September 2009


Petition for Sidewalks on Canton Hwy.... ... (more)

Close Littleworth Lane - 08, August 2009

We, the concerned residents of Sea Cliff, respectfully request  village officials close Littleworth Lane... ... (more)

Making Our Streets Safe - Klang Valley Action - 29, July 2009

Making Our Streets Safe


Wakulla County Sheriff David Harvey Should Resign - 26, February 2009

Whereas, Wakulla County Florida Sheriff David Harvey was driving a... ... (more)

Laws on Dangerous Dogs - 28, December 2008



NEXT TIME IT COULD BE A... ... (more)

Support DNA at Time of Arrest in New York State - 15, November 2008

Prevent Future Victims From Escalating Criminals
... ... (more)

Citizens of Washington County - 11, November 2008

The Washington County Sheriff's Office PBA is requesting your assistance by signing this petition in support of encouraging the Board of... ... (more)

Petition to get a traffic signal installed at intersection of Smith and Sackett St in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn - 12, October 2008

  On Friday, October 3rd at approximately 6:30pm, there was a serious car accident at the intersection of... ... (more)

Child Motorcycle Safety - 14, August 2008

Dear Commonwealth Representatives and Senators

I would like to take a moment of your time to bring to your attention a... ... (more)

American Alert - 02, August 2008

Bristol to Baghdad, Iraq — Millions flooded Iraq's shrine city of Karbala on Tuesday December... ... (more)

PeticiĆ³n para que el Parque de Villa Amelia este libre de excrementos de perro - 19, May 2008

A: Ima. Sra. Immaculada Mayol i Beltran
Tinenta d'Alcalde de Medi Ambient

CC: Im. Sr. Joan Puigdollers i Fargas
... ... (more)

Get Pruane2Forever off youtube - 16, March 2008

Due to exaggerated ugliness, and unbelievable stupidity, I and many other people... ... (more)

Appeal for protecting Freedom fighter Lt. Shri Imanuvel Shekaran's Monument - 15, February 2008

Appeal for protecting Freedom fighter Lt. Shri Imanuvel Shekaran's monument :

This is reference to some of the anti social elements /... ... (more)

sylvester05c.......please bring down the tranny! - 17, July 2007

100 signatures and we will send this to Rivals for the tranny's permanent removal from all Rivals.com messages boards.  Sylvester's tranny... ... (more)

The Dance-Off Petition - 19, February 2007

This has got to be one of the most important and influential petitions of all time.


Application for Consent to Construct a New Road or to Improve an Existing Road - 31, January 2007

I/We the homeowner(s) of Anna Moore Lane are petitioning that the East Feliciana Parish Police Jurors repair the drainage covers and asphault... ... (more)

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