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The Petition For Healthy And Peacefully Sleep - 17, January 2018

If you want to sleep better at night, it is absolutely essential that you sign this petition! Signing this petition... ... (more)

Watch Out! Petition That Could Help Save The Health Of Your Family - 07, June 2017

There are many petitions that you could be signing instead of this one. However, this is the one that directly concerns your health and the health... ... (more)

test ziana - 07, May 2015

testingcontent ... (more)

Ban the senseless use of drawstring bags by Andrew Clifford - 07, April 2015

An open letter to Andrew Clifford. I never thought it would come this far, Andrew. For as long as I can remember, you have repeatedly chosen,... ... (more)

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Expedited Trial & Public Execution for All Criminals alleged in Terrorist & Anti State Activities in Pakistan - 18, December 2014

To The President/Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Dear Sir(s) In wake of recent terrorist attack of 16th December this menace of... ... (more)

Reject Anonymous Reports to Child Youth & Family Services; Penalize False Reporters - 28, May 2014

It is absolutely downright disgusting how many families are involved with CYFS that really shouldn't be! While elsewhere there are children who... ... (more)

Bradwell lane petition for safety - 05, May 2014

This E petition has been created in the interest of public safety after another person has been killed on Bradwell Lane. Bradwell residents have... ... (more)

Support Officer Wicklund - 01, May 2014

Please show your support for the job our law enforcement officers do each and every day.They risk their own safety to help many in their darkest... ... (more)

Proposal for crossing person/zebra crossing on Wheel Lane. - 20, January 2014

Proposal for crossing person/zebra crossing on Wheel Lane, Lichfield, outside what was The Windmill pub. To aid crossing a busy road, in a... ... (more)

Ban Tekwiz from all Rooms - 09, December 2013

There are a few reasons why many users don’t want Jerry to continue his use of these applications. The most important of these reasons... ... (more)

Remove Jamie Kanwar From Twitter - 30, September 2013

Dear Twitter Support ,

Many Members are being Bullyed By Jamie Kanwar - Known as

save our kids - 29, September 2013

show us the sex offenders register. keep our kids safe. dont move pedophiles next to our children ur just putting them at risk. stop them preying... ... (more)

Reinstate Telford School's Lollipop Person - 22, September 2013

Warwickshire County Council Road Safety Unit have made the decision to not reappoint a School Crossing Patrol Officer for Telford School. This was... ... (more)

Ban pro-eating disorder websites, blogs, images and other content in the UK. - 29, July 2013

I am an 18 year old who has been battling with an eating disorder since the age of 12.Through my teenage years I - and many others I know - lived... ... (more)

Ban John Kerry/Balder Odinson's youtube account. - 01, July 2013

In March 2013, a youtube user named OperationSpider(aged 15) made one harmless comment on a youtube video regarding a movie. After an hour, the... ... (more)

Save Our CCTV - 02, April 2013

Recent budget cuts within Weymouth and Portland borough council have resulted in the planned removal of a CCTV operator in the camera... ... (more)

Petition to Require Rape Crisis Training for All UNT Housing Hall Directors, Resident Life Advisors, and Desk Clerks - 01, April 2013

Statistically, 1 in 5 college women will experience rape or attempted rape, and fewer than 5% of these are reported to law enforcement*.
When... ... (more)
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