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Assumed Special Authority for perindopril 8mg - 13, August 2009

We the undersigned, medical specialists of BC, call on BC... ... (more)

Clergy Call: Support Movement to Reform Health Care! - 27, May 2009

To the New York State Congressional Delegation, As leaders of people of faith in cities, towns, villages and communities throughout New York... ... (more)

Human Faith for Spirituality - 22, April 2009

Honey Bee

Abu Bin... ... (more)

Mr. Abel, Shave Your Beard - 13, February 2009

Mr. Abel, your beard is offensive to people who are proud of theirs. Please, shave it, it's outrageous that it is still around. It is a distraction... ... (more)

10 a day to park at Walsgrave Hospital - A Disgrace! - 12, February 2009

To: University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust:

I believe that it is unfair to charge for car parking at Walsgrave... ... (more)

The Joanna Briggs Institute All of Country Membership - New Zealand - 23, October 2008

Joanna Briggs Institute All-of-Country membership
… just imagine

... ... (more)

Wu Yi Tea are Fakes and THIEVES - 11, October 2008

I always thought I was an intelligent person ...I guess we all have our moments. I order Wu Yi Tea on their website back in April...a one time... ... (more)

Request non-BPA lined cans - 02, October 2008

Concerned about the possible health affects of BPA (bisphenol A,)we the undersigned... ... (more)

Asian Human Services Petitions Illinois for Healthcare Funding - 23, September 2008

To Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Illinois Legislative Leaders:

The Joanna Briggs Institute All-of-Country Membership - Australia - 23, October 2008

Joanna Briggs Institute All-of-Country membership
… just imagine

... ... (more)

Factor V leiden - 07, July 2008

We the undersigned are signing this petition In hopes to reach the doctors, government and anyone else who may help us in this matter! Factor V... ... (more)

Support the Caring for an Aging America Act of 2008 (S.2708) - 02, May 2008


AMSA GERIATRICS... ... (more)

Latein Amerika - 15, March 2008

En principio mi deseo es exponer aquí las limitaciones regionales para implementar programas eficientes en el continente. Tanto por... ... (more)

save the wishart centre dundee - 15, February 2008

We urgently require additional funding to continue to provide vital services for disadvantaged individuals in Dundee ... (more)

A National License to The Cochrane Library for Canada - 06, February 2008

Please scroll down to sign the petition 


Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library - 05, December 2007

Want to further support EU Provision to the Cochrane Library? 

You signed the petition and want to know what else you can... ... (more)

Support Shotley Bridge - 09, October 2007

We the undersigned support the retention of a Community Hospital at Shotley Bridge, Consett, County Durham ... (more)

Promicin-Free Pledge - 20, May 2007

I, the undersigned, do solemnly pledge to remain Promicin-Free. I shall never inject, ingest or otherwise use Promicin myself and I will... ... (more)

Bring back regular soda to Park highschool - 17, May 2007

This petition is basically to bring back regular soda back and not just stuck with diet soda which is very bad for everyones health. ... (more)

Petition Against the Closure of the Medical Outpatient Care Clinic of Bermuda - 28, February 2007

If you have already signed this petition online or hard copy please DO NOT SIGN TWICE. You must be over the age of 18 to sign this... ... (more)
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