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TEST1 - 16, June 2013

TEST 123 ... (more)

Lets find a cure for kidney disease - 08, March 2013

Kidney disease has become a worldwide epidemic. We need to find a cure NOW!. Dialysis or transplantation isn't a cure and carries its own set of... ... (more)

Get Our Original Chocolate Shakology Back - 07, November 2012

As many of us know Beachbody has improved on the Chocolate formula making it with Superfoods. We know it was to make... ... (more)

Reinstate the Short Term Memberships At Doug Ellis Sports Centre - 13, October 2012

The Doug Ellis Sports Centre has recently cancelled the short term memberships. These memberships were earlier touted as the memberships students... ... (more)

TBI Families Fight for Change - 27, July 2012

Dear State Representative,

I am writing you to inform you of the story of Jessica Huse. Jessica is in recovery from a Traumatic Brain... ... (more)

Unmarried fathers should be expected to sign the birth certificate of their child - 23, March 2012

To: Sarah Teather MP, Minister of State for Children and... ... (more)

Teach first aid in school - 21, March 2012

Wouldn't it be a good idea (and save countless lives) if children were given the opportunity to learn basic First Aid at school. This could be... ... (more)

Teach First aid in schools - 21, March 2012

Wouldn't it be a good idea (and save countless lives) if children were given the opportunity to learn basic First Aid at school. This could be... ... (more)

Put A Stop To The Care Fees Scandal - 27, February 2012

The government should end the injustice of elderly and vulnerable people having to use their life savings and sell their family homes to fund... ... (more)

Petition for the University of Alberta to become Smoke-Free - 18, February 2012

We, the undersigned, agree that a campus-wide smoking ban should be implemented at the University of Alberta.

Background Information:... ... (more)

Insurance Coverage for Survivors of Head and Neck Cancer - 08, February 2012

Insurance Coverage for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer


Barbie Dolls for Cancer Patients - 17, December 2011

A child's universe generally revolves around their friends. It is so important to kids to feel accepted and liked by their peers, and one way to... ... (more)

LETS PEOPLES BE HAPPY - 05, August 2011

sdvenvlknslckmvmídmvélmévlmdélvmdmvéldmévmlédmvéldsmvéldméldmvédmv&eac... ... (more)

Save A&E at Belfast City Hospital - 01, August 2011

SAVE OUR A&EThe accident and emergency unit at City Hospital is threatened with closure from October. The Minister for Health Edwin Poots has... ... (more)

Keep Lisburn A&E open 24 Hours! - 30, July 2011

Lisburn Accident and Emergency hours are set to be cut by Health Minister Edwin Poots. The determined hours are set to be 9-8. How can this be... ... (more)

Bring Calvinography to Ailey Studios - 06, July 2011

We, the undersigned, are students of Calvin Wiley's "Calvinography" classes. We urge Alvin Ailey Extension to add Calvin Wiley to the family of... ... (more)

Make horse riders clean up horses mess like we have to over dogs - 02, July 2011

This is a petition for horse owners, that they should be made to clean up after there horses when out using public areas. as we are made to clean... ... (more)

Save Hayward House Daycare - 18, April 2011

We hereby ask that the decision to close Hayward House Daycare in Nottingham is reversed.   We believe the decision to close has been taken... ... (more)

ÌðïúêïôÜæ óôá Äåëôßá ÅéäÞóåùí - 15, April 2011

Μποκατζ στα Δελτα... ... (more)
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