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Take Care Of Your Skin - 19, December 2016

Your rind is the largest large authority endeavor in the embody. It's the most attractive gorgeous lovely lovely organ as it depicts... ... (more)

Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Reviews - 24, November 2016

Your skin is the largestorgan in the body. It's the most gorgeous organ as it depicts the functioning of the body. But, to keep your skin in... ... (more)

Advanced Dermatology Reviews - 09, November 2016

Your skin is the largestorgan in the body. It's the most gorgeous organ as it explains the functioning of the body. But, to keep your skin in... ... (more)

Letter to Mandate to Dr Chris Newton and Dr Armin Schwarzbach - 21, February 2015

To Whom It May Concern:Re: Dr Chris Newton PhD and Dr Armin Schwarzbach. I am a Borreliosis patient, carer or supporter of a patient. I wish to... ... (more)

Purchase Doxycycline Hyclate Online : Can I Buy Doxycycline Online : Doxycycline Online No Prescription Uk - 21, January 2015




Tadalista Online : Buy Tadacip Online : Tadacip Online Uk - 19, January 2015




International - Make HSCT treatment for SPS sufferers available in the UK - 01, November 2014

At present those diagnosed in the UK with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) have no option of a cure/treatment in their home country. Trials around the... ... (more)


We ask the Government to now provide the DISTRICT GENERAL HOSPITAL which Tamworth was promised would be built in 1988, for which all funds were... ... (more)

Response to charging RCGP members for access to ePortfolio - 16, June 2014

We were dismayed to see read the announcement that access to the Revalidation ePortfolio would no longer be free for members of College. Currently,... ... (more)

Petition for Alternate Shower and Fitness Center - 08, April 2014

We, AARP employees, petition AARP to provide alternative access to showering facilities starting on... ... (more)

Anton Carpena the Disabled Everone should have the Right to Medical Help - 02, March 2014

I have been a disabled person since Jan 2011 in receipt of Disability Allowance at the Hugh este for care to have someone with me at all times to... ... (more)

Royal Free - SMOKE FREE - 05, February 2014

... (more)

Stop the government changing funding the Geelong mood rooms - 25, January 2014

The Geelong mood rooms were developed for those in the Geelong community with mood disabilities, to give them a place to socialise, develop... ... (more)

Petition to ban confectionery at supermarket checkouts - 15, January 2014

The good news is that the till gauntlet may soon get easier because supermarket chain Lidl is the first to announce that it is removing all sweets,... ... (more)

nanbaget - 13, January 2014

دوستان... ... (more)

Keep Marmite less than 20ppm gluten free for Coeliacs - 06, August 2013

This petition is to get Marmite, a British Institution, to make it's signature product safe for Coeliacs to eat, and to guarantee that all jars... ... (more)

Close the Dáil Bar and replace it with a Juice Bar for TD's - 13, July 2013

This petition calls for the closing of the bar in Dáil Eireann in the Irish Parliament, which is subsidised by the Irish tax payer. It's not... ... (more)

TEST1 - 16, June 2013

TEST 123 ... (more)

Lets find a cure for kidney disease - 08, March 2013

Kidney disease has become a worldwide epidemic. We need to find a cure NOW!. Dialysis or transplantation isn't a cure and carries its own set of... ... (more)
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