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Save CJay Jackson! - 09, November 2011

Please sign this petition to save CJay the dog from an unfair ruling!

Dogs chase cats by nature and yes somtimes they catch them. Nature... ... (more)

abolish the fur trade in the universe make safer for animals - 10, October 2011

Millions of Animals are electrocuted,beaten.skinned alive cramped into small pens and cages on fur farms across the world so there fur is used for... ... (more)

abolish the fur trade - 10, October 2011

Millions of Animals are electrocuted,beaten.skinned alive cramped into small pens and cages on fur farms across the world so there fur is used for... ... (more)

BAN Raccoon Dog Fur in the UK - 05, October 2011

A sickening video of cruel breeders skinning helpless raccoon dogs alive has surfaced on the internet.
The raccoon dogs - an Asian breed... ... (more)




Alternative to Animal Testing for medical research. - 05, August 2011

Cell culture and tissue engineering Cell culture is currently the most successful, and promising, alternative to animal use. For example, cultured... ... (more)

We want for DEFRA to end the quarantine date NOW and not next year!!! - 13, July 2011

Why does our Pet's needs to suffer for another 6 month in QUARANTINE?? Why can we not get the same deal as others will be getting next January?? We... ... (more)

Get DEFRA to change the date for the new Pet Travel Scheme - 06, July 2011

This E-petition has been set up to try and persuade DEFRA to change the date for the New Pet Travel Scheme that is due to start 01 Jan 2012.

... ... (more)

Free Lucky the bear - 13, June 2011

On the Logar family farm in Poljanska Vally in Slovenia in April this year resorted an orphaned teddy bear (Ursus... ... (more)

Petition to bring in a law to prosecute owners of aggressive dogs for dog on dog attacks - 01, May 2011

There is currently no law in the UK to prosecute owners of aggressive dogs which attack other dogs!

Our 7 month old labrador puupy was... ... (more)

Free Big Lurch - 27, April 2011

Sup, Jesus here. i finnin 3 com down der n kill ever2 if yall dont sign dis petition 3 free big lurch, best rapper evr. sign it plz ... (more)

Boston Fights Back Against Breed Specific Legislation - 02, January 2011

As i'm sure some of you may know, Boston has a BSL against Pit Bulls which means they all must be muzzled, and specially licensed. I for one am... ... (more)

Petition to Ban the Sale and Use of Gin Traps in Taiwan - 09, November 2010

... ... (more)

Town of Riverview: Registering Pets Realistically - 12, August 2010

This is a colleciton of responses from the citizens of Riverview or who... ... (more)

Free Mental Chicken! - 31, May 2010

We, the users of UKChatterbox, demand that the user more)

toughen law penalties against animal cruelty and save more animals - 25, February 2010

we need to toughen penalties for those who break the law by abusing animals. Our law enforcment officers are not doing near a good enough job as... ... (more)

STOP ASIAN CARP !! - 19, January 2010

Stop Asian Carp !  we all have to get together and make sure our Government shuts down  water ways that will allow the... ... (more)

Chloe O'Connor must be given a custodial sentence - 20, August 2009

This petition is directed at the magistrates at the court in Tameside.... ... (more)

Resolution to Evict River Ridge Equestrian Center - 20, June 2009

The Riverdale Riding Corporation d/b/a River Ridge Equestrian Center, a sole corporation owned by a non-County resident is making $$$$$... ... (more)

all about dogs - 16, April 2009

before you do do this petition please go to www.coco123.synthasite.com thanks ... (more)
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