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The Pam Aukerman Michigan Officer-Involved Domestic Violence Law - 11, April 2008

Governor Of Michigan


An End to Women's Suffrage - 20, August 2007

Women's Suffrage is an unjust and unlawful act and it's high time we put a stop to this injustice. It is the hope of hundreds of others who have... ... (more)

Jamie Eldridge For Congress - 24, July 2007

Dear Friend,

As you have probably heard, Martin Meehan, who represents our Congressional District in the U.S. House of... ... (more)

FBI Name Check Delays - 19, July 2007

Name checks are pending too long, months or even years. There are many legal immigrants who have had their lives "put on hold" due to... ... (more)

Remove Traffic Court Judge Michael T. Sauer - 09, June 2007

Our justice system here in the United States is a disgrace. Activist judges such as Traffic Court Judge Michael Sauer have... ... (more)

Disarmament of all armed forces - 23, May 2007

This petition is for voicing support to the ending of all armed struggle in all Lebanese territories, including those within... ... (more)

Students Call on Chancellor to take a Stand - 20, February 2007

We the students of the University of California at Santa  Cruz demand that  acting Chancellor Blumenthal, who has previously spoken of... ... (more)
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