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Impeach Trump and Pence - 03, May 2017

PETITION STATEMENTWe Americans need to impeach Trump for treason, racism, making fun of disabled people, making fun of women, bullying. Refusing to... ... (more)

Re-annexation of the Philippines to the United States - 20, April 2015

We are asking all Filipinos from around the globe to sign this petition to once and for... ... (more)

Extending Development Controls to Noe Valley - 18, March 2015

Dear Supervisor Wiener, We, the undersigned residents of Noe Valley and Dolores Heights, commend you for the passage of Resolution 150192,... ... (more)

Best Credit Cards Offer --- Credit Card For Students --- Best Reward Credit Cards With No Annual Fee - 19, January 2015




Petition of withdrawing the Honorary Outstanding PolyU Alumni title from C.Y Leung - 01, October 2014

If you have been at the scene of last Sunday`s protest and seen many rounds of pepper sprays and tear gas fired by the police at the largely... ... (more)

Bedford School should bring in boaters as part of school uniform - 26, September 2014

This petition is a petition for Bedford School to bring in boaters as part of the school uniform.
We propose that:
Boaters are worn as... ... (more)

No Brasher Water - 16, August 2014

The purpose of this petition is to inform the town boards of Brasher, Stockholm and Lawrence that a municipal water system is not wanted and we ask... ... (more)

Azalea Town Homes rezoning support - 05, May 2014

Petition of Support for Azalea Townhomes Rezoning and Concurrent VariancesThe Property encompasses nearly 10 acres, approximately one acre of which... ... (more)

resignation of john boehner - 08, October 2013

... (more)

Second Chance TN - 11, September 2013

... (more)

Alabama prison cell phones - 23, August 2013

Petitioning the Honorable Governor Bentley, sen. Cam Ward and Alabama prison commissioner Kim Thomas. We the families and friends of the Alabama... ... (more)


**** ALL ANAPHYLACTIS This is a petition to bar Anaphylacti from holding directorship status within Waffles. We demand that he never be given... ... (more)

Petition to deny wet zoning request for Field House-308 S Howard Ave - 07, July 2013

Petition for Courier City/Oscawana neighborhood association to show support denying Field House wet zoning request to Tampa City Council.  By... ... (more)

A Petition for Emergency Action to Obtain Methadone Maintenance Treatment for Kentucky's Narcotics-addicted Veterans - 06, March 2013

To the Kentucky Delegation to the 113th Congress: A Petition for Emergency Action to Obtain Methadone Maintenance Treatment for Kentucky's... ... (more)

Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol - 28, February 2013


... ... (more)

Test - 10, February 2013

... (more)

Petition to end corruption in Washington - 17, January 2013

This is a petition to initiate a 1,2,3, plan to end corruption in Washington DC.

1. All lobbyists are banned from any government... ... (more)

West Peace Streetscape Project - 11, January 2013

Peace Street is the primary traffic corridor for several east Raleigh neighborhoods and the State Government Center to the Cameron Village... ... (more)
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