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Testingrec - 24, November 2011

testing to see how this works ... (more)

Transfer of Family/Civil Law to David Ford Justice Minister - 19, November 2011

Presently, Family Law is not the remit of our Justcie Minister in N Ireland. It rests with the Minister for the Department of Finance and... ... (more)


Je soutiens la pétition: NON A LA BALCANISATION DE LA REPUBLIQUE DEMOCRATIQUE DU CONGO et j'encourage les Congolais et amis du Congo de faire de même ... (more)

Stop War In Srilanka - 26, August 2011

Dear All, Please sign the above petition asking the UK government to call for an Independent International Inquiry in to war crimes in Sri Lanka.... ... (more)

Peticion de Prueba - 22, August 2011

Esta es la peticion de prueba que estoy creando a ver como sale ... (more)

Change the name of Paschim Banga back to West Bengal - 19, August 2011

I would like to use this epetition to inform the government of West Bengal that we the undersigned feel that as Bengali's we were not consulted on... ... (more)

English Parliament - 12, August 2011

Goverment should set up a parliament for the people of England.

At present the Uk parliament in Westminster... ... (more)

Concerned Citizens of La Plata County Petition for FREEDOM and PROPERTY RIGHTS - 11, August 2011

“We The People, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,... ... (more)

Stop E Petitions - 05, August 2011

Oh please.....do not patronise us...we are democratic people and know we can go to our local MP's surgery or start a petition in the real... ... (more)

End partition for all - 04, August 2011

This is a petition that will be directed three-fold. The stormont devolved assemby based in Northern Ireland, the british... ... (more)

Call for the Prime Minister David Cameron to resign with immediate effect. - 08, July 2011

In the light of recent revelations concerning the Prime Minister's former communications cirector, Andy Coulson, we the undersigned call for the... ... (more)

Respect for Heroes - 12, June 2011

This petition has been set up in protest to the repatriation route in Carterton. The people in power want our troops shoved out the back door not... ... (more)

We condemn the disappearance of Carlos Rene Roman Salazar // Condenamos la desaparicion de prof. Carlos Rene Roman Salazar - 24, March 2011

((espanol abajo)) Please support the teachers', indigenous, and popular organizations in their fight for justice in Oaxaca by supporting... ... (more)

Put UK social needs first, Mr Cameron - 17, March 2011

We the undesigned call upon Mr David Cameron and the UK government to freeze foreign aid for three years and the money saved to be used to... ... (more)

SNM aggression on SSC people is crime against humanity(War Crime) - 03, March 2011

As the world is facing uprising in every corner around the globe, in Northern Somalia there is an unknown genocide daily on-going , for... ... (more)

UNA-UK urges stronger action on Libya - 28, February 2011

We - the undersigned - urge all UN Member States to take further, urgent action to stop the brutal crackdown and bloodshed in Libya.

... ... (more)

Uniting Europe - 27, January 2011

... (more)

Government Control Of Our Food - 04, January 2011

The U.S. Senate has just voted, 73-26, in favor of S.510 – the Food Safety Modernization Act. The bill offers a sweeping overhaul of the... ... (more)


Please sign the Petition to Arrest and Prosecute all Government/Parliament officials for Self Enrichment, Corruption against the the people of... ... (more)

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