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Rollerball - For World Peace - 26, March 2015

Rollerball is the future of international relationships. We've all seen 'Rollerball' and we've all wished it was real, and... ... (more)

Bad Credit Unsecured Credit Cards Instant Approval --- Apply For Credit Card Bad Credit History --- How To Get Credit Card With No Credit History - 21, January 2015




Can I Buy Diflucan At Walgreens --- Buy Diflucan With No Prescription --- Buy Diflucan Online No Prescription - 21, January 2015




Top Ten Credit Cards : Best Credit Card For A College Student : Applying For Business Credit Card - 13, January 2015




Petition to PolyU: PolyU should respect the Intelligence and Ethics of PolyU's Students and Staff involved in the Protests - 06, October 2014

As students of PolyU, it is with great sadness and dismay that we read the recent letter "Let us go for a constructive dialogue" on the 2nd of... ... (more)

Call For Military Rescue Of Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls - 30, April 2014

On 14th April 2014 over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped from their school by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. The girls, aged 16 - 18,... ... (more)

Minister Alan Shatter - 03, November 2013

Hi , I'm Minister Alan Shatter and I just <3 Joan Burton , she is hotter than the filling of a McDonalds apple pie. I've been a long time admirer... ... (more)

Fast Track Cyprus Title deeds - 26, March 2013

Help Save Cyprus!

If like us you're concerend about Cyprus in general, and... ... (more)

A humble petition to rename AnonShaw - 08, March 2013

There comes a time in every man's life where he is forced to take a stand, a sacrifice for the greater good if you will. Thus, I humbly request... ... (more)

Restore Kresy Wschodnie Lands back to Poland - 26, January 2013

This petition is to petition the Polish government to restore the Kresy Wschodnie, (Eastern Borderlands) that were stolen by the Soviet Union and... ... (more)

A Petition on Behalf of the People of The United Kingdom in Issuance of a Vote of No Confidence Towards the United States Presidential Candidacy of Governor Mitt Romney. - 08, October 2012

On behalf of those hereto signed, representing the People of the United Kingdom, aware of our inability to participate directly in the democratic... ... (more)

He must be punished - 02, September 2012

Due to the many many errors and mistakes made by this man..the public within this country...and around the world..are suffering for the errors he... ... (more)

tax cheats - 24, June 2012

we are the owners of the bbc, and as license payers, we should have theright to information under the freedom of information act, and any income... ... (more)

What is the JNF doing? - 12, May 2012

Dear Samuel Hayek,Historically, the JNF played a major role in founding the state of Israel, helping to create a thriving country for the Jewish... ... (more)

Time to move on - 23, March 2012

We, the undersigned, wish to send a message to those who consider themselves our rulers. You have waged wars we do not want, against peoples we... ... (more)

Petition a l egard des autorites de la RDCongo - 25, November 2011

Suite a de nombreuses bevues , des atrocites, des viols commis que la rdcongo n a jamais connue depuis son independance. Car notre... ... (more)

Testingrec12 - 24, November 2011

testing to see how this works ... (more)
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