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Put Simon Jenkins Out To Pasture - 29, February 2012

Journalist Simon Jenkins has for too long been allowed a platform in the national media to air his venal, hate-filled opinions whilst not opening... ... (more)

BBC sack Jeremy Clarkson - 01, December 2011

Of the millions of public sector November 30 strikers, Jeremy Clarkson said on BBC1's One Show (30/11/11 19:00):

"I... ... (more)

Bring Back "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" - 14, November 2011

Dear Channel 4.

Due to your ineptitude at providing us with brilliant comedy and riveting sitcoms, we, the undersigned, wish for you to... ... (more)

Dear SOMEcontrast, COME BACK! - 12, September 2011

Dear SOMEcontrast,

We want you back!

Kuwaiti Bloggers ... (more)

Miss - 31, August 2011

To cinema complex managers,

As deaf young people,... ... (more)

Kingdom Keepers Movie. - 20, August 2011

This petition is to help make the Kingdom Keepers books a movie or movies. The author, Ridley Pearson, has tried to get Disney to make the books a... ... (more)

Bring King of the Hill Season Seven-End To DVD! - 08, August 2011

Bring King of the Hill Season Seven-End To DVD
... ... (more)

Get Jake a Role! - 10, May 2011

This petition is for those of us who believe that Jake Stormoen deserves a role on the new HBO series "A Game of Thrones". He is an up-and-coming... ... (more)

Partnership For BananaPieLord - 15, February 2011

BananaPieLord provides us with tons of great videos with original content. Us loyal subscribers totally see it, even if YouTube does not. He is not... ... (more)

Test pet - 30, December 2010

Bring her back! ... (more)

BB Community for Raleigh - 14, December 2010

Would you like to have a BB Community for your area?  We need 100 epetitions signs and its born! ... (more)

Heather Kennett smeared 20 year old in exchange for cash and sex bribe - 29, November 2010

She's twice his age, purports herself to be a "professional" journalist who unveils the "truth" with News Corporation's Messenger Eastern Courier,... ... (more)

The Strokes on The Simpsons - 12, October 2010


The Creation of a Second Generation SL-DZ1200 - 02, September 2010

       We the People of music, dance, and art want Panasonic Corporation to create a second generation of the... ... (more)

time mag - 02, July 2010

... (more)

Free the BBC (from Twitter) - 18, June 2010

We, the undersigned are BBC shareholders - we pay a licence fee as is required by law and it has come to our attention that the BBC, is making... ... (more)

Keep Sky Sports News on Freeview - 17, June 2010

Sky has announced that it is to remove Sky Sports News from Freeview, making it a pay-only channel. In its place, Freeview viewers will instead... ... (more)

Are you with us? - 18, June 2010


Release Yu-Gi-Oh! season zero in english - 10, May 2010

Come on 10,000 for an english dub! ... (more)
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