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project voco - 10, January 2017

we want a petition of Adobe Voco thats must happend for download request ... (more)

Renew Devious maids for season 5 - 20, August 2016

Petition to request that lifetime renew devious maids for a 5th season. Desperately do not want this show to end, it's amazing filled with drama... ... (more)

Buy Tadalista --- Buy Tadalista 20 --- Cheap Tadalis - 23, January 2015




Buy Cipro In India --- Cheap Cipro Online --- Buy Cipro Online Overnight - 17, January 2015




Please run the christmas oxo advert over this christmas season as a tribute to the late Linda Bellingham - 20, October 2014

Please sign this e petition to ask the bosses at ITV to re run the christmas oxo advert this christmas as a tribute to the late great Lynda Bellingham ... (more)

Petition for the creation of the Aj+ beta app on Blackberries and web based platform - 15, October 2014

We the undersigned Aj+ fellowship applicants urge the Executive team of the Aljazeera plus fellowship programme to create the beta app on a... ... (more)

Bring back 2013 Sky EPG music - 15, July 2014

Dear Sky, We the undersigned feel that the 2013 Sky EPG music was far superior to the new music for 2014, and hereby petition you to reinstate... ... (more)

shias of hyderabad, india dont force me to eat food and drink water or go to bathroom - 12, April 2014

I ask god to take action against shias of hyderabad, india for forcing me to eat food and drink water and go to bathroom and if i dont eat food or... ... (more)

Revenir To Play The United Kingdom - 09, February 2014

I have loved this band for a while but as they are based in New Jersey, it is impossible to see them. They are just starting out but making a big... ... (more)

no justice nor media for missing black kids - 19, December 2013

missing black  kids  get  no  justice  nor  do  they get any  media  like  the  white ... ... (more)

Contre l'article "عبدة اÙØ´Ùطا٠ÙغزÙ٠اÙÙ& - 14, December 2013

نحن محبي نمط الميتال .. لسنا بعبدة الشياطين .. ندين و بشدة ما قالته جريدتكم عن... ... (more)



Андрићев венац... ... (more)

KEEP DOCTOR WHO GOING - 25, November 2013

The great British series, Doctor Who is ending after a fantastic 50 years bring on our screens. A programme spanning 5 generations, the child hood... ... (more)

Ban The Use Of Triggering Pictures As Covers - 25, November 2013

Several writers on Movellas have been using several triggering images as covers, including some that are frankly pornographic. This needs to stop,... ... (more)

help me get whatsapp<3 - 18, September 2013

... (more)

Stop FB From Closing Animal Friends Accounts - 07, September 2013

Facebook Has Been Shutting Down Animal Accounts Saying They Aren't Real!!! They Need To Leave The Innocent Alone & Go After Accounts & Pages That... ... (more)

Get Planet Rock to play unsigned bands - 21, June 2013

As you all may know, a few days ago we realised that the radio station Planet Rock does NOT accept any submissions from unsigned bands, have an... ... (more)

Ban on Sports Betting Information on Sporting Telecasts and Webcasts - 17, March 2013

This petition is to have the dissemination of sports betting odds, payoffs and other betting information banned from all sporting... ... (more)

Petition to have UK music venues book Bratkilla - 15, April 2012

We the sign-ees declare our support for a Bratkilla UK show and petition you the venue to book him ... (more)

Sign To Get Mac Miller To Come To Hot Jamz Radio! - 21, March 2012

Sign this petition to get Mac Miller to come to Hot Jamz Radio! The more signatures we get, the higher the chance of Mac Miller coming! ... (more)
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