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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a petition?

A petition is a request to an authority, most commonly a government official or public entity. In the colloquial sense, a petition is a document addressed to some official & signed by numerous individuals.

2. Why should I create a petition?

Simply to get your voice heard and to allow others who agree with you to join you in voicing your opinion.

3. Do I need to register to create a petition?

To create a petition at our site you must be a registered member. You may register by clicking on Register for Free and following the steps below:

Note: If you are already a registered member then please skip to step

a) Fill in your details; please ensure that you use a valid email address because an email will be sent to the specified address which you must confirm to activate your registration.

b) You must agree to our terms and conditions to proceed.

You will be asked to check your email for your registration confirmation email.  If 24 hours pass without you receiving the email, please contact us on info@epetitions.net quoting your username and full name as a reference.

Usually you should receive the confirmation email in a matter of minutes so please check your junkmail folder and email spam filters just in case our email was blocked erroneously.

Now that you have confirmed your email account you may login using the username and password you chose upon registration.

4. How do I create a petition?

Log in to your account

Once logged in, you will find yourself in your account summary panel.  Here you see your name and address below and any petitions previously created that are awaiting moderation.

Look for the link “Create a new Petition for free” at the top and click it you will be taken to the create petition page where you can actually create your desired petition:

Title:  You choose the title most suited to represent your petition in summary form. For instance:  Save the Giant Panda! Please choose your title wisely, it should describe your petition and motivate your target audience to actually take action.

Start / End Dates:  These determine the start and end dates of your petition. The start date is set to the actual day you create your petition.  The life of a petition is set to one year as a default, you may change it but not go over the one year.

Template: This selection is required; please select one of our preset templates. If you have a preference for a customized template, please contact us and we will help you in any possible way we can.

Category:  This selection is required; please select the category most suited for your petition.  If your desired category is not listed, please contact us so that we can include it.

Description: Enter here your petition description, please ensure you use the correct spelling - no profanity will be allowed.

Banner Image: This is your petition banner image and will appear horizontally at the top of your petition.  Your banner should not exceed the default size of 775 x 140 as possible.  The banner will be automatically resized to conform to our default setting.

Image 2: You are allowed to have one image relating to your petition centred at the top of the actual petition text.  Your image should not exceed the default size of 439 x 225.  The image will be automatically resized to conform to our default setting.

Moderate Signatures before they are posted
: Should you wish to moderate signatures prior them appearing on the actual petition then place a tick here and you will be able to approve or reject signatures.

Allow comments when people sign your petition: If you wish to allow people to comment to your petition place a tick here.

Custom fields visitors can fill when signing your petition: We give you two custom fields which you can name as you please or ignore if you don’t need to use them.  For instance you can use one of the fields to ask visitors to specify their age, for example: Age: ___

Signatures Per Page: The default is 10 signatures per page but you may select other options with the maximum being 100

Send to Friend Message
: The send to a friend option is the most important aspect of your petition as this is the facility that will be used to spread your petition’s popularity.  You are welcome to use your custom text but the fields [firstname],[lastname],[title] and [link] should appear in between [] so that the actual fields appear in your text for example:

Assuming your full name is John Doe, your petition title is Demo Petition and the link to your petition is at

This is your text as default:

[firstname] [lastname] has signed [title] at epetitions.net and would like to invite you to do the same. Please click the link below to visit the petition.


This is how it will appear:

John Doe has signed Demo Petition at epetitions.net and would like to invite you to do the same. Please click the link below to visit the petition.


Note: you may alter the text to display whatever you wish so for instance:


Hello my name is [firstname] and I wish to invite you to sign my petition at epetitions.net


This is how it will appear:

Demo Petition

Hello my name is John and I wish to invite you to sign my petition at epetitions.net


Request A Forum with this Petition
: If you wish to allow or encourage further discussions relating to your petition then we invite you to tick this box and  we will create you a forum where your can invite your target audience for further discussion.

When you are ready to create your petition and submit it for review please click on CREATE.

We will review and approve your petition within 24 hours, if it conforms to our guidelines.  Should we feel that we need to contact you we will do so by email prior to publishing the petition to give you a chance to make alterations.

When your petition is approved and published you may
login to your account and further manage your petition.  You may choose to suspend your petition temporarily or to manage the signatures if you wish.  The choice is yours.

If you need to contact us for support, please email us at info@epetitions.net

Thank you